InterusCore es una consultora especializada en impulsar y facilitar los negocios y  operaciones de nuestros clientes a través de:

  • Comunicación integrada de marketing
  • Endomarketing
  • Relaciones públicas
  • Marketing Digital
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InterusCore - Comunicación de Marketing

Marketing Communication

Integrate tools and channels in commercial and corporate strategies.

InterusCore - Endomarketing


We develop internal brands that support cultures aligned to organizational objectives.

InterusCore - Relaciones Públicas

Public Relations

We help telling stories relevant to your stakeholders

Digital Marketing

Strategies that integrate all digital marketing assets for your organization


InterusCore, consulting firm specialized in promoting and facilitating business and operations of our clients through:

  • Marketing Integrated Communication
  • Endomarketing
  • Brand PR
  • Digital Marketing

Why InterusCore?

Multisectoral Experience

Career in the business, automotive, financial, pension, telecommunications, public-private alliance and consulting sector

Multidisciplinary Specialists

We have a multidisciplinary team that contributes in the process of creating value for our clients.

Holistic Vision and Creativity

We integrate communication and commercial strategy aligned to the fulfillment of business indicators and customer experience.

Local with International Reach

We have managed to generate results for our clients at the national, regional and international levels.

Relevant Refrences

Our clients are nationally and regionally recognized companies, who have trusted us.

Strong Values

InterusCore advocates for Respect, Continuous improvement, Execution with excellence, Creative proactivity and Creation of value for the client

Proven Corporate Record

We develop strong professional careers at the highest level in leading industries.

Oriented to commercial and strategic achievement

We develop communication strategies to achieve the commercial and strategic objectives of our clients.

Our dream is to...

Help our clients through communication to achieve financial, social and reputational profitability


We are content consumers

If you want to sell, tell a story, social networks are a support for your business strategy


Everyday is...

An opportunity to work on public relations


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At InterusCorem we are at your disposal. If you have any request or concern, we invite you to send it through our service channels.

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InterusCore: Comprehensive strategic solutions for corporate communication, endomarketing, public relations and digital marketing.

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