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Public Relations in times of Coronavirus

At this time the world is facing a pandemic, the Covid-19 surprised humanity, taking away many lives, shook societies and companies, in the ignorance of not knowing which direction to take?, in order to save thousands of people. Likewise, this situation took any corporate communication strategy in crisis, marketing and social networks out of base.

Months before this tragic global illness, we were located at the moment when social networks led brands, services and institutions to believe that they were self-sufficient in communicating and directly interacting with their audience.

Faced with the unexpected measures that the States had to take, such as the complete paralysis of nations, millions of people are in isolation from their homes, anxious for the over-communication, loss of valid information, trying to find official sources. and reliable, returning again to some traditional media.

For more than two decades the exercise, Public Relations has demonstrated its effectiveness with facts, both in the creation of a brand, support in commercial management and the reconstruction of business reputations, however, at this moment in history, the public relations incidence, the dissemination of the correct messages, through the appropriate channels, is a necessity that is being demanded by consumers.

The client remains connected to the brands and services, since he is seeking to solve his basic needs, this has generated a great flow of content that does not correspond to the official strategies of the companies, it is here when the public relations maker makes the difference, by transmitting Focused communication, dictate appropriate guidelines with empathy and clarity.

James Gruning, North American public relations theorist, created a model for the construction of effective messages that can be used in this global context, which consists of:

  • The problem is identified.
  • Customize the challenge. (Towards the receiver, what behavior or action is expected of him)
  • Elimination of restrictions (Concentrating on personal action to solve the problem.

A precise message must meet certain indicators that allow effectiveness, so it must be:

  1. Appropriate: adjusted to each company and the public to which it is desired to transmit.
  2. Significant: aimed at generating an impact of interest among our consumers.
  3. Memorable: that the message transcends the emotion and remains in time.
  4. Understandable: clear communication and simple vocabulary.
  5. Credible: to consolidate the credibility values ​​of the company.
  6. It must be true: transmit values ​​and be written in simple language.

Although it is true that there must be a work of rrpp in our own media and platforms sharing valuable content sensitive to the eventuality that is being lived, the management capacity of a relator goes further, reaches different levels, personalities and spaces. They allow the right message to be transmitted, at the right time, covering the orientation that the population, its consumers require today.

Having a PR team will allow you to focus on the moment of the crisis and re-evaluate your action plan, continue to build loyalty through empathy, reinforcing values, humanizing communication.

InterusCore, a Honduran consulting firm, has professionals with more than 10 years of experience in communication systems with purpose, connecting the diverse publics and their links with the brand, a service that will give them value.

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