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At this time the world is facing a pandemic, the Covid-19 surprised humanity, taking away many lives, shook societies and companies, in the ignorance of not knowing which direction to take?, in order to save thousands of people. Likewise, this situation took any corporate communication strategy in crisis, marketing and social networks out of base. Months before this tragic global illness, we were located at the moment when social networks led brands, services and institutions to believe that they were self-sufficient in communicating and directly interacting with their audience. Faced with the unexpected measures that the States had to take, such as the complete paralysis of nations, millions of people are in isolation from their homes, anxious for the over-communication, loss of valid information, trying to find official sources. and reliable, returning again to some traditional media. For more than two decades the exercise, Public Relations has demonstrated

Current situation The Honduran people and companies, at all levels, are affected daily by the consequences of the precarious energy situation in the country. Users are annoyed because of the high charges, while in the rural area and in the cities far from the marked line of development, it increases due to the blackouts those affected by the residents for hours and days with manifest frustration. Entrepreneurs also pay the bill at a high price, not only because of the high costs, but some must close their businesses due to losses because of the constant rationing, especially in the interior of the country where poverty and lack of employment are exacerbated. A nation in the dark will live forever in underdevelopment. Energy represents a source of economic growth, as recognized by the recent publication: "The Countries in Focus" of the International Monetary Fund, where the conditions are presented